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Why SLB?

We’re one of the fastest growing, strategic, driven and full-service branding and consulting companies in the United States. Versatility is our mantra, the stability of what the company’s foundation is built on. Our team has been battled tested by some of the world’s biggest clients.

What We Do

We act on our client’s behalf in various ranges such as; business development, increase in brand awareness, project management, promotional campaigns, product testing, beta testing, client relations, customer relations, research and social media awareness.

Campaign Development

Here at SLB we're flexible. Meaning we cater to our client’s brand, products and services to suit their goals and objectives. We constantly research the market’s they entrust to us. In efforts to find any additional distribution channels for revenue we could possibly spear-head on their behalf.


We can provide branding from the inside-out. From building your brand through digital media and diversifying through human interaction client facing/customer facing we have been able to compete on all platforms. Nothing has been outside of our comfort zone or jurisdiction.

What Can We Provide?

With our multi strategic outlook on market penetration. Our belief is in order to be adaptable to change; we must first create a diverse business model that allows us to service our clients properly. Through cross-training in key branding components, it has allowed us to emerge as a top priority choice for 70% of our clients full-service consulting needs in alignment with their external branding needs.

Promotional Events

Our promotional event campaigns have proven to be elite. We have developed markets across the country, more and more clients are now looking to utilize our services.


Our clients sometimes only have an idea. They sometimes have no clue on the proper platform that allows it to grow. But they’re willing to put whatever needed budget behind the idea, which makes our job extremely simplistic. Find the right target, hire the right personnel and train them properly to fit clients’ needs. We have incorporated a training program that includes leadership training for better communications.

Business Development

Our business development platform has our clients gravitating towards us! What does it take to grow a company, a brand or campaign? From our perspective it takes a selfless company/team. That’s willing to mentor, train and develop others without any prejudice of being over-taken or being in a competitive situation. We’re looking for elite team members that have career-oriented drive. To lead, develop and set expectations beyond everyone’s comfort zone. Then having the discipline and follow through, to structurally create catered intricate goals on a day to day basis in order to develop the team to full optimization.

If you’re a client in need of our services or wanting to make an inquiry on how our service caters to your company’s future plans, please contact us by email or phone.

What Makes Us Different?

We specialize in finding clients that suit our growth and branding needs. We would like to continue catching the eye of our award-winning portfolio of clients. Why? Because they’re starting to see an increase in vulnerabilities involving longevity in scope of keeping their market shares due to the rampant increase in competitors. In efforts of being proactive they’re expanding their advertisement budgets! Great news!

The ROI that our company service creates is miles ahead of any other channel. Therefore, the demand of our branding channel’s and diversified components of services we provide have made us front-runners to facilitate/partner with their local divisional and regional corporate teams in future consulting expansion vacancies.